About Us

Cloud IOT is a system integrator. We specialize in bringing subsystems together into a whole and ensuring that these systems are in synchronization. Our technologies simplify IT complexity and streamline operations, helping businesses become more agile, efficient and profitable. Our Company is aiding enterprises make the transition from legacy IT and its never-ending investments to a modern simplified IT which saves millions in investment, is highly scalable and is present locally here in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Today, cloud and Internet of Things are known to be the two emerging markets. These two areas will define the future of technology. With over 30 years of experience in enterprise IT and Telecoms, our founder believes that it is the right timeframe where these two areas will thrive in the upcoming three to five years. Our founder has developed partnerships with creators and developers of technology in these areas and grow them in the ASEAN region.

Leadership Team

Kumaran Singaram
Zeeshan Naseh
Advisor - Cloud IaaS
Barry Grene
Advisor - Network Security
Shrikant Deshpande
Advisor – Fintech
Ganapathy Sirgunavel
CEO - Cloud SaaS Businesses 
Giri Subramaniam
Advisor - Healthcare Systems
Ted Stephenson
COO - Cloud SaaS Businesses
Alvin Koh
Advisor - IOT
Rizal Hon
CEO - Nimbus Cloud Services 

Why choose us?

At Cloud IoT, our primary focus is to match customers' needs with existing products. Typical system integrators know a little bit about a large number of products. Cloud IoT however focuses on a few fields in the IT industry, giving us the edge in designing or building a customized architecture or application, integrating it with new or existing hardware, packaged and custom software, and communications infrastuctrue.

Our Mission & Vision

There are two emerging markets in the years to come. The first is the cloud, the second is Internet of Things.
Cloud IoT is a start-up system integrator. We specialize in bringing subsystems together into a whole and ensuring that these systems function together. Our technologies simplify IT complexity and streamline operations, helping businesses become more agile, efficient and profitable.


IT moving from On-Premise to Off-Premise

The widespread of Cloud computing is set to take a much more prominent role in our technology savvy society. Providing advanced computing applications through networking channels severely reduces the IT needs businesses that want more powerful software programs without installing them on a client computer. With more than $ 200 billion in economic activity for the cloud-computing sector in 2014, more business infrastructure and software services would be heading into the cloud as from 2015.


The Internet is going into Machines

Today, most of you are familiar with the Internet of Things. IoT is a network of connected devices and people that are expected to number around 26 billion by the year 2020. The industrial Internet builds upon this where machines and systems will be connected to provide data to be managed. We look forward to a future where jet engines, turbines, locomotives, automobiles and even devices as small as your watch are all connected to one another and to people.



Cost effective
Private and Virtual Private Cloud Solution

uCloud™ is a platform developed by connectloud aiming at empowering enterprises with quickly scalable, secure, multi-tenant automation across cloud platforms of any type, for clients from any segment, across geographically dispersed data centers. It’s the IT industry’s first Software-Defined Cloud™.

Connectloud's mission is to deliver a unified cloud solution that is simple, flexible and delivers true business value. As the future takes shape, the business requirements extend far beyond singular, automated data clouds. They now need the capacity to manage and automate across clouds.

uCloud™ is about building the next-generation cloud on top of multiple clouds and fulfilling the CEO’s dream of reduced costs and limitless agility.


ASEAN's Emerging Infrastructure, Backup and DR on Cloud Company

Nimbus is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service that addresses the need in the market for an all in one solution to meet the increasing demand in the cloud computing business. Nimbus Cloud Services is the next generation cloud computing with the latest technologies being employed to ease your company’s transition to a cloud base with a complete Hyperconverged Cloud Management Platform solution differentiated from all other vendors. Nimbus Cloud Services presents a platform for companies of all sizes to be able to join the cloud in the shortest time frame possible without a need to invest heavily in the hardware, this allows companies to save cost considerably.


SaaS Based Financial Analytics

Anaplan is a cloud-based business modeling and planning platform for sales, operations and finance. The company is a recent entrant to the business planning market, which for decades has been dominated by the “big four” legacy vendors: IBM, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft. At the core of his technology is a single hub where the business user, and not IT, can build, deploy, maintain, and share models.

Anaplan is ideal for situations where large Excel files are exchanged and communication/analysis is diffiuclt. By consolidating communications and sales targets in a single "space" it becomes extremely efficient to plan.


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